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frequently asked questions

What is Webflow ?

Webflow is a no-code tool allowing you to create beautiful websites effortlessly. It CMS (Content Management System) feature allows you to manage content and pages easily and visually. Webflow also offers a visual and ultra-intuitive interface to make quick edits and add-ons efficiently.

Do you provide custom edits or add-ons for templates ?

For the moment, i don’t provide that kind of services. You can look for other Webflow Freelancers, on the official Webflow portal to find the right person for your need

Can i use a template for multiple projects ?

No, a template must be used for one project only. If you want to use the same template  for  different projects, you have to purchase a new template for each one of them.

Can i use the assets of a template i bought ?

Yes you can ! Each assets (images, videos, icons) are free for personal & commercial license.

Can templates be exported ?

With a Lite plan (or higher), you can export sites you build in Webflow, including templates, to host them anywhere you'd like.

Who is behind TELIO Templates ?

Telio Templates had been created by me, Eliot BESSON, i’m a french UX/UI Designer and Webflow Expert. Visit the about page for more infos !

Do you offer custom design and/or Webflow development ?

If you’re interested in custom services, please email me at this address